6 Tips to Save on your Weekly Food Shop

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Last time, we shared five tips on how to plan your shopping list and generate a meal plan. This week, the focus is on how to prepare your budget for your shop. Read on for useful tips on how to spend your money wisely.

  1. Before you head out to the shops, ensure you have your coupons or loyalty cards. If you have loyalty apps, be sure to have coupons preloaded or use them to inform your shopping list.
    For example, Dunnes Stores have a €10 off a €50 spend. Keep your eye out for other discount vouchers or loyalty card programmes like Tesco Clubcard or the Lidl app, most stores have a loyalty programme.
  2. Shop only once a week, if possible.
    You are likely to spend more if you go shopping more than once a week. Unplanned shopping trips for one or even two things might result in you purchasing extras. Not to mention, you’ll make a saving on your transport costs.
  3. Bring your own shopping bags, as this will save you the expense of buying plastic bags.
    If you need to replace your reusable shopping bags, look for sturdy ones – they might cost more initially but will last longer.
  4. Be careful of special offers.
    There is no point in buying something that sits rotting in your fridge or at the back of the cupboard until it expires, and definitely don’t buy a new product in bulk if you’ve never tried it before. Don’t buy things just because they are on offer; ask yourself if you really need them and will use them.
  5. Be aware of prices and do a supermarket shop comparison.
    Often there will be a significant difference. Visit www.supermarket.ie to do your comparisons.
  6. Get ideas for how to reduce food waste on Stopfoodwaste.ie.
    Have you for meals already prepared and in the freezer? Get into the habit of using these by having freezer Fridays. You can also pop a list of your freezer’s contents on the door of the freezer to help with your meal plans.

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