Tips to Save on Your Energy Bills: Part Three – Invest Now to Save More in the Long Run

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Taking small actions can add up to significant savings. We’ve provided several tips and life hacks in this series of blogs called ‘Top Tips on Savings on your Energy Bills’. 

In part one, we helped identify quick wins around the house to save energy costs. 

In part two, we helped by sharing routines and habits you can develop to save on energy costs. 

In our final part, we’re looking at big and small investments to save you more money in the medium to long term. More significant investments might not be possible in the short term, but you could invest the savings you make over the next few months. You may also be eligible for grants and supports, but more on that below. Smaller investments can be cheaper than you think, and you’ll feel the benefits in your pocket. 

We’ve broken these tips and investment ideas into three categories based on the potential cost. Keep reading to learn more. 

Annual Investment 

  • Have your gas or oil boiler serviced yearly to keep it energy efficient. When you get your boiler serviced, all working parts are inspected and cleaned, as well as heating controls. This is to ensure they are in perfect working order. In addition, your technician can advise and replace worn parts before they wear out, reducing the possibility of a surprise bill. 
  • If you have a chimney, get it cleaned regularly. This ensures you have a good ‘draw’ and an efficient fireplace. 

One-time Purchases 

  • Buy a water-saving showerhead. This works by reducing the amount of water required to shower and helping reduce your energy bill due to using less hot water. 
  • Using slow cookers or pressure cookers can be much more energy-efficient than the oven. 
  • Take shorter showers to save hot water. Have a shower instead of a bath. As a result, you will use less hot water. Less hot water will mean less expense and waste. 
  • Install draught excluders on doors, and windows to keep rooms warm. Make sure all the windows and doors are properly sealed. 
  • Use a lagging jacket on your boiler to keep the water hotter for longer. 
  • Blackout and thermal curtains are great at keeping the heat in and are a reasonably priced investment. As a result, they will help to save money in the long run. 

Whole House Investments and Grants 

  • Check if you are entitled to any Energy Grants to upgrade your home heating or electricity supply. These can lead to more significant savings in the longer term. 
  • If you can, replace your light bulbs with energy-efficient ones such as halogens and LEDs that use less electricity. 
  • Insulate the attic to help stop heat from escaping through the roof and keep the whole house warm. You may be entitled to a grant for this. 

Bonus Tip 

Be sure to apply for any supports/entitlements at the end of the year/start of a new year. If you’ve been working from home, you might be eligible to claim back some of your heating and electricity bills

These are just a few ideas, tips, and life hacks that will positively impact reducing the cost of running your home. The best thing is that you can start them today. Do you have any ideas to share or great ideas to help reduce energy consumption? Head over to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter  pages to share. 

Increases in the cost of goods and services are having an impact on many people living in Ireland. This blog’s tips, tricks, and life hacks are suggestions to help you find better value and stretch your euro.

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