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Adam’s and Sally’s story

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Their story in their own words 

All we ever wanted was a safe, happy, family home and just as we’d achieved our dream, the nightmare began. 

Our life was the life of so many people we knew. Three great kids, all in their teens, I was working as a civil servant with my wife supporting from home. 

We weren’t rich, for sure, but we were covered and paying off our loans, on time, every month. Until we weren’t. The recession hit, my salary was cut and pension levies kicked in. Suddenly the bills were bigger than the money coming in. We reduced our spending down to pretty much nothing to keep paying off the loans. Some days, no exaggeration, some days there was barely enough food. I felt ashamed and alone. 

This financial struggle went on for years. We went from happy parents to, well me, for sure, I just became really depressed and anxious. The fear haunted my every thought. We thought we’d hit rock bottom. And then the bank put out a repossession order on our family home. I still struggle with the notion that, even though I was working full-time, we were doing our honest best, but still, here we were looking at being made homeless. 

It was during court proceedings that we became aware of Abhaile. It was through Abhaile that we met Conor, a personal insolvency practitioner (PIP). The first thing he did was listen. He didn’t judge, he empathised. He reviewed our financial situation to figure out a plan and he gave us hope. The relief was enormous. 

Through the free support from Abhaile, we worked up a PIA, a Personal Insolvency Arrangement. We gave this to our lender, and they agreed to reduce the mortgage on our home to the market value, which freed up money to pay the other debts. The bills went back to being something we could cope with; we became solvent again over 24 months. 

Most importantly, we got to keep our home. 

And…we got to breathe again; to live as a family again. 

Talk to Abhaile, there’s no shame in getting helped back up on your feet. 

The first thing the adviser did was listen. He didn’t judge, he empathised, he reviewed our financial situation to figure out a plan and he gave us hope. The relief was enormous.

Does this story sound familiar? We hear stories like this every week. There is hope.  

By getting help from Abhaile, you can find solutions to your mortgage arrears. 

Call 0818 07 2000 and speak with an adviser today. 

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