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Customer charter

Welcome to MABS. We are a free, independent and confidential Money Advice and Budgeting Service.

The MABS Customer Charter sets out the standards of service you are entitled to expect from us. Our aim is to live up to the highest standards in our dealings with all our clients and callers.

Our commitment to you

We appreciate that you may be under strain, so let’s be clear on what we can do for you:

  • Give you efficient, caring and quality advice, information and support on money matters
  • Help you deal with any immediate debt problems and manage your money on your own in future
  • Work for you only with your permission and to do this independently without influence from any person or company
  • Keep your information private and only pass it to people outside MABS in accordance with the MABS policies on Data Protection and Confidentiality
  • Help you to help yourself by supporting you in making your own decisions
  • Avoid judging you
  • Make our service as accessible and approachable as possible

As our client, you are entitled to a service that

  • Is free
  • Listens to you
  • Treats you politely, fairly and with respect
  • Gives clear advice and support without undue delay
  • Offers appointments for discussing personal debts
  • Provides support suited to your needs
  • Respects different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and
  • Is available at your local MABS office, unless another MABS office is more suitable to your needs

Help us to help you

We want to provide the best service possible and welcome all comments – good or bad – about our service. You can tell us what you think by filling in one of our comment cards, which are available in all MABS offices.

We aim to work with you and to help you explore your options

In return, please:

  • Tell us truthfully everything we need to know that relates to the problem you have come to us about
  • Appreciate there are limits to what we can do
  • Accept that you may not always be dealt with as quickly as you or we might wish
  • Treat us with respect and courtesy; you do not become abusive, aggressive or violent, understanding that in such cases, you may be asked to leave the office, we may no longer work with you as a client, and we may need to call the Gardai
  • Remember that, ultimately, you make all choices about your finances and are responsible for them

Withdrawal of services

Where a client cannot work with MABS in accordance with this Customer Charter, MABS may have no other option but to withdraw services from the client.

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