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John’s and Mary’s story

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Their story in their own words 

We are parents of a primary school going child. We have been through a very difficult period in our lives. I lost my permanent teaching position due to life/health circumstances that could happen to anyone. My husband is a tradesperson. He, like many others, depended on the construction sector for employment. This sector imploded due to the recession. We were left with a new baby, a large house with a large mortgage, and no income. Needless to say our health suffered further. 

We found ourselves slipping into arrears. The best step we took was the day my husband organised an appointment with Brian in MABS. He told us about the Abhaile service. 

We had several meetings with Brian and some of his colleagues. The people there were patient, empathetic, non-judgemental, and full of knowledge in all the necessary monetary, financial and budgetary advice areas. 

Everything was made simple. MABS brought us from near repossession and desperation to moving to financial stability and keeping our family home. 

We could never find the words to thank MABS enough for their support and guidance. 

No matter how bad you think things are, we would highly recommend and encourage anyone with mortgage arrears or in a similar difficult situation to get in touch with MABS. 

MABS brought us from near repossession and desperation to gaining a pathway towards financial stability and keeping our family home.

Does this story sound familiar? We hear stories like this every week. There is hope.  

By getting help from Abhaile, you can find solutions to your mortgage arrears. 

Call 0818 07 2000 and speak with an adviser today. 


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