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MABS’s work with communities

At the heart of MABS work in communities is providing money management education to the public. We aim to give learners the knowledge and skills to manage their money and to avoid or resolve problem personal debt. The overall goal is to empower and include all learners.

We are learner-centered and focus on the priorities all households share such as accommodation, food, utilities, education, an opportunity for a social life and caring responsibilities. We also recognise that everyone has different ‘wants’, depending on goals, interests and life-stages. Savings and credit can help us to get what we need or want and are essential aspects of our overall approach to money.

MABS has experience of all kinds of personal debt such as mortgages, rent, bills, personal loans, moneylending and hire purchase. In our education work, we use our experience to work with learners to address their needs and priorities.

We also deliver money management education programmes in partnership with other organisations.

We aim to tailor our education work to the needs of the learners we are working with because we know that everyone has different priorities.

Through education work in the community, MABS is always learning and developing its own approach to ensure that we remain relevant.

Community education

MABS is a community-based service with over 60 offices nationwide. Our involvement in each community in Ireland helps us to understand the issues that people are facing in different parts of the country.

MABS money advisers work with local groups on money management education programmes. Each MABS develops a plan for education every year and aim to include as many learners as possible. We also ensure our education work in the community is based on the circumstances and needs in that particular community.

Contact your local MABS office if you would like to find out more about what educational work MABS is doing in your community.

MABS Household Budgeting sessions

MABS delivers once-off household budgeting sessions on an ongoing basis.

In these sessions we cover the following topics.

About MABS: learners are introduced to MABS with information on supports and services that MABS provides and how to access them.

Building blocks of budgeting: learners explore the different features of household budgeting as a core skill in money management. 

Tips for boosting income: learners explore useful tips for increasing income whilst managing their money.

Reducing spending tips: learners explore possible ways to reduce spending or make spending more efficient whilst managing their money.

Who are MABS household budgeting sessions for?

We can deliver these sessions for groups of learners who want to understand the basics of household budgeting. We can deliver to community groups, or in the workplace. We ask that a minimum of 20 learners attend.

How long are the sessions?

Each session lasts between 60-90 mins.

What participants have said:

“It was an excellent talk and very informative”.

The recording of the talk will be hugely beneficial to a lot of our staff who couldn’t make it today, or who may find themselves in need of information in the future.”

“Many thanks for an interesting and thoughtprovoking presentation on behalf of MABS”.

Getting in touch about a MABS household budgeting session

If you would like us to provide a MABS household budgeting session, you can complete a form and email it to

Contact your local MABS company if the event is in your local community.

Contact if the request is from a national organisation.

Currently all of our money management education work is done remotely, so to participate learners will need to have online access.

Education in schools

Primary schools

It is positive for all children to learn about money from an early age, but money management education with younger children needs to be approached sensitively to allow for the different experiences younger children may have. If you are thinking about money management education for younger learners (7-12), contact

Second-level schools

MABS participated in Global Money Week 2021 and delivered sessions to Transition Year (TY) students nationwide between March 22 and 28.

The theme for Global Money Week 2021 was ‘Take care of yourself, take care of your money’ and MABS services delivered virtual sessions to TY students discussing spending habits and highlighting the differences between spending ‘needs’ and spending ‘wants’.

These sessions will continue in 2021. To find out more about our work with schools and students, please email

Third level institutions

MABS can provide sessions in partnership with third level institutions for groups of students to help them to manage their money. To find out more about our work with colleges and third-level students, please email

Resources to support our education work

MABS has developed resources that can be used as part of its educational work, they include:

Full Financial Picture This is a step by step guide to help you get an understanding of the money you have coming in and the money going out.

101_Square_Meals (pdf) A cook book to help you plan healthier meals and get the best value for your money.

MABS ‘Helping Hand At Home Planner’ a calendar full of tips and advice to help you plan ahead for the bills you know will be coming in and the big events you may have planned in the year ahead. To get a free copy, contact your local MABS office.

Pennywise_Diary (pdf) – a spending diary designed by teenagers for teenagers to help them get used to budgeting.

Planning for third level Information for third level students to help them plan for the costs of going to college.

Please email to find out more about resources that can be used in money management education work.

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