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Offer to BPFI creditors

Sample letter C- Offer to BPFI creditors (docx)   

About sample letter C 

When to send this letter 

This is a letter you can send to your BPFI member creditors. Use it when you have worked out how much you can realistically afford to pay back and stick to overtime in line with the BPFI-MABS protocol (pdf). Send one letter to each creditor with: 

You can also add information about what caused your debt problem if you wish.  

Get legal advice if you think: 

  • You do not owe the full debt being claimed by a creditor 
  • It may come under the statute of limitations law.  This law sets out the maximum amount of time that a matter can be legally enforceable in court. You may be able to use this law as a legal defence if a creditor takes legal action.     

 Read more about checking if you owe the debt

You’ll notice that at the top of the letter that we use a technical term: ‘Without prejudice’. It’s important to use this term as it has a legal meaning.  

We use the phrase ‘without prejudice’ to show that you are making this offer in a genuine attempt to tackle your debt. Using this phrase means that your creditor cannot then use this letter in any future court action if that occurs.  

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