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Partnership work in education

Over the years MABS has delivered many money management education programmes in partnership with other organisations. We have combined our experience and skillsets to give a unique and tailored response to a defined need.   

What is involved in the education programme? 

MABS programmebased work involves a structured approach where we co-design and deliver content to be delivered over a number of sessions. This gives learners an opportunity to apply what they have learnt over time. Learners can see for themselves that they have developed new skills over the course of the programme. We have delivered these programmes in face-to-face sessions and also digitally. Currently, all of our delivery is online.   

Who is the education 
programme for?   

MABS target group is low-income households. In this very broad group, we know that many people may be more at risk of financial exclusion. Learning about the MABS approach to money management may help develop skills and knowledge and help learners to access financial services and affordable credit. A key goal of all of our educational work in MABS is to empower learners to exercise their rights as consumers of financial services and products.    

Get in touch  

MABS aims to be as responsive as possible to all requests for partnership work on education programmes. However, developing tailored content for programmes is resource intensive so we have to ensure we are able to deliver.   

If you would like to contact us about possible joint work on an education programme, please email a Partnership work contact form (.docx)  to   

Examples of money management programmes 

  • MABS is supporting a pilot programme ‘Money Made Sense’ currently being rolled-out by Northside Partnership  in partnership with TASC to support participants to develop their financial capabilities.
  • EuroWatchers’, a home budgeting programme developed with Donegal VEC. This community education initiative was delivered through most VECs in the country. 
  • National Traveller MABS work with the Traveller community and offer courses such as budgeting, dealing with debt, and tackling legal and illegal moneylending.  A Way of Life” is a programme that gives Travellers knowledge of the various methods that can be used to get the most from their money. Contact to find out more about National Traveller MABS education. 
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