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Mike’s and Louise’s story 

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Their story in their own words 

We were just weeks away from our wedding day when Mike got the call from his boss to say he’d be unemployed and on social welfare from next week. Our lives came crashing down around us, all I could think about was our young children, just babies at the time. Mike was already thinking about how we were going to pay the mortgage. 

We were back and forth with the lender for years, eight years in fact, but we never reached a solution. Then the letter came, calling us to court to take away our home. 

Walking into the courthouse, not knowing what lies inside, I saw other people from the town, with our names on the TV screen above. We weren’t criminals – we were just trying to pay our mortgages, but it still felt like we were in the wrong. 

The registrar said it would take a while but that there were people here from MABS as part of the Abhaile Scheme if we wanted to talk to them. Jill* came over and introduced herself and asked about our case. From that moment, I felt like we had someone who genuinely cared about us. We weren’t just another reference number. 

We made an appointment with Jill to look at our options. She mentioned the Mortgage to Rent scheme so we went with that. She helped us to fill out all the paperwork and we were deemed eligible for social housing, and an approved housing body said they’d look at our case. 

Anyone out there in the same boat, talk to the people in Abhaile, you won’t regret it. For the longest time, we felt we were alone but everyone in Abhaile, they gave us hope again.

Does this story sound familiar? We hear stories like this every week. There is hope.  

By getting help from Abhaile, you can find solutions to your mortgage arrears. 

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