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Joan’s story

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Everything was going well for Joan until she had to take a huge pay cut at work. This put huge stress and strain on her.  By contacting us, she was able negotiate with her lender and change her mortgage repayments to a more manageable amount. Since then, life has been easier. 

In her own words

I had been struggling with my mortgage for around 4/5 years after taking a huge pay cut at work. To say I was stressed was an understatement. I couldn’t remember the last time I slept properly or was really relaxed and happy. 

I was at a friend’s house having dinner, and she was also struggling with her mortgage after separating from her husband. She mentioned that she’d had a few meetings with MABS and couldn’t recommend them enough. 

I then contacted MABS myself and was put in touch with a lovely lady – Mary. It was on the phone the first couple of times, as I needed to get copies of a few things, such as bank statements, mortgage statements and all the correspondence from my lender. 

When I met MABS in person, even after the first meeting, I felt a lot of the stress easing away as MABS dealt directly with the bank on my behalf. This put an end to all the letters telling me I owed arrears dropping on my door mat. That in itself was a huge thing because the letters weren’t nice and were very upsetting to read. 

After 3 meetings with MABS, and thanks to all their amazing work, the bank restructured my mortgage, and offered me monthly payments that I could afford. I have been paying the new amounts now for the last few months and can’t believe that I am now sleeping the complete night and even have money in my pocket for things for the kids and stuff. 

I really can’t thank MABS enough for their amazing work, they are professional and compassionate and they do an amazing job. 

I really can’t thank MABS enough for their amazing work, they are professional and compassionate, and they do an amazing job. 

Does this story sound familiar? We hear stories like this every week. There is hope.  

By getting help from Abhaile, you can find solutions to your mortgage arrears. 

Call 0818 07 2000 and speak with an adviser today. 


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