Autism Awareness Month

by Liz Daly, North Dublin MABS



Autism: ‘a neurological difference that many people are born with which affects how they experience the world around them and how they communicate with others’ (Asiam, 2023) 


When is it?

On Sunday, 2nd April 2023, World Autism Day will be celebrated across the globe by individuals, families, groups, support services and many more.  It is a way of celebrating and acknowledging the diversity that exists in our world, with autistic people being a core part of communities globally.   

As part of this event, I thought it would be a good time to revisit our blog from last year and remind people what financial supports are available for families who have either recently received a diagnosis or who need to find out extra information. 


Summer Programme

First up, the Government recently announced the continuation of the Summer Programme (normally known as July provision) for 2023.  The programme allows for children who have additional needs – like those with autism – to access 4 weeks of continued education either within their school setting or at home. More information about this programme can be found on Citizens Information’s page about the Summer education programme. For many autistic young people, having structure to their day and a continuation of their routine is so important for them. 

For young people or adults who are non-verbal or have limited vocabulary, the HSE has funding to provide families with AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication) devices. These often take the form of iPad or specialised tablets with software that assists the person in communicating.  My own son has one and we call it his ‘talking tablet’.  Applications for these must come through a HSE Speech and Language therapist. 



The Citizens Information website is a wealth of knowledge. As well as a starting point for people who need to find out more information about what entitlements are available: 

This list is not exhaustive and the links above have further information on supplementary allowances that may be available, depending on circumstances. 


We hope you found our blog informative and helpful. 

Regarding our services, if you find yourself struggling to manage household costs and bills, please get in touch. Our MABS team are here to listen and support you wherever they can. 

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