Going to College – Get Organised 

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So, you’re off to college. Whether this means moving away from home for the first time or staying in your family home, you’re starting a whole new chapter of your life. We’ve already covered a couple of the heavy-hitting topics in our money advice blogs like grants and bursaries and what to do in 5th/6th year. 

In this series, we’ll be looking at tips on getting organised before you start college and what to consider, tips for settling in, and how to avoid scams such as becoming an accidental money mule. 

Start as You Mean to Go On – Get Organised 

This time, we’re looking at what to do when you’re just about to start college and getting organised for the year ahead. 

  1. If you have a part-time job, be sure to set up any direct debits to come out on or after payday.
    If you can, set up a small direct debit or standing order to your credit union or savings account so you can 
    build up savings. 
  2. Get set up with a planner/digital calendar.
    Keep track of your college deadlines, social events, and if using a digital calendar, you can share with college assignment groups, and so on.
  3. This may seem obvious but check out what offers you can get through your student discount.
    Note any dates like Freshers’ Week where there might be extra discounts or sales and get the things y
    ou need.  
  4. Do you need a particular computer program for your course?
    Check if your college provides the required program license through your college account for free, or with a student discount.  
  5. If you’re sharing a house, make sure to make a household budget if bills aren’t included in your rent, a good idea might be to have a household meeting and get everyone on the same page in relation to finances and household chores. 
  6. Keep an eye out for Back to College deals for things like crockery, bedding, towels, stationery and so on. 
  7. Get yourself a student leap card, these have lower daily caps than an adult card, saving you money on your trips to college. 

Top Tip  – Consider gadget insurance for your valuables such as your phone and laptop so you’re covered if they get lost or stolen. 

When looking for suitable accommodation, check out the RTB’s checklists and be wise to any rental scams that are targeting students. 

Stay tuned, next time we’ll be looking at tips for settling in. 

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