Going to College – Settling In 

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Last time, we looked at getting organised for college, this time we’re going to look at some more tips to help you settle into your routine. 

Bedding Down and Settling In 

  1. If you have a car, set a reminder for due dates for insurance, tax, NCT, services etc.
    Remember the savings we mentioned earlier? Putting aside a little money on a regular basis will help to cover these planned for expenses.
  2. If living away from home – keep an eye out for Bus Eireann/Irish Rail deals for trips home that you can plan/save. 
  3. When looking at bills, think about splitting subscription services like Amazon Prime, Netflix or Spotify to reduce your outgoings as a household. 
  4. If you’re travelling home, see if there are others travelling to the same area so you can carpool and split the costs such as petrol and tolls. 
  5. Check out our 101 Square Meals cookbook for recipes for packed lunches, batch cooks and nutritious meals. 
  6. If you have a flask or a thermal water bottle (or two), you can use one of these to keep water hot for up to 12 hours and save yourself on tea/coffee by bringing your own to study sessions. 

Aside from getting organised, you might be looking for your first part-time job or starting a job but not sure what to expect. 

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