Homemade and Low-Cost Gifts for a Four-Legged Friend

A mini red homemade catnip box with a purple ribbon and green bow on top in a person's hand



The below gift suggestions are for the furry friends in our lives and are not exclusive. The gift suggestions are equally suitable for anyone we would like to give gifts to.  

This blog is one of a series that we will be launching over the coming weeks with more gifting suggestions for special people in our lives. 


How can you Boss Christmas with MABS? Well, one of our most popular activities, that ticks all the boxes when it comes to our budget, saving and stretching our money that little bit further, is making low-cost and homemade gifts.  

We haven’t forgotten about our little furry friends and this blog is dedicated to them. Remember that though you may want to have your pets as part of your festivities, they may find it stressful – Petsitters Ireland have a great blog on Preparing your House for Christmas with Pets.  

We’re not the craftiest here at MABS, but we felt these 3 ideas were doable and budget friendly. 


Gift 1: Catnip Gift Boxes 

These don’t have to be filled with catnip as many cats don’t actually like catnip, despite the name. You can fill them with anything you know your cat enjoys (and obviously is safe for them to eat). 

Check out more information on how to make these gifts for a furry friend here.


Homemade catnip present. Red box with purple ribbon and a green bow on top being held in a person's hand with a bright blue background


Gift 2: DIY Enrichment Box for dogs 

This is a great one to get the children involved with. Having some enrichment boxes on hand for busy social days or when everyone is opening presents will make for a great distraction for your dog, and also a challenge they will enjoy.  

So, what do we mean when we mention Enrichment? Enrichment includes ways to add to, subtract or adjust our pets’ worlds so that they have more opportunities to choose to engage in species typical behaviours. 


Homemade Enrichment box in red gift wrapping with green Christmas tree pattern on it


Enrichment boxes will help to keep you motivated to stick with a program of enrichment; a joyous project for you and your dog.   

Visit AniEd for more information and how to make your own Enrichment Box.


Gift 3: DIY bandana 

Do you have a bag of clothes you’re waiting to donate or recycle? Maybe an old shirt or jumper that doesn’t fit right or is very worn, but you still love it. Why not get crafty and turn it into bandanas for your cat or dog? Check out Spoonflower’s handy tutorial. 


Patterned Bandana Designs laid out on table with 3 coloured dog leads


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