Homemade and Low-Cost Gifts for Her

Three homemade mini christmas teas with teabags used as christmas tree branches and a gold star at the top



The below gift suggestions are for the women in our lives and are not exclusive. The gift suggestions are equally suitable for anyone we would like to give gifts to.  

This blog is one of a series that we will be launching over the coming weeks with more gifting suggestions for special people in our lives. 


How can you Boss Christmas with MABS? Well, a popular activity –ticking all the boxes when it comes to our budget, saving and stretching our money that little bit further – is making low-cost and homemade gifts.  

This is the second in our gifting series and helping you to Boss Christmas with MABS. Last we provided some ‘gifting ideas for him’ in your life.  

This may seem like a well-known idea, and we definitely aren’t the first to think of it! But we find that making Homemade Gifts can help to decrease the money we spend and increases the time spent with family or friends when creating these gifts. It can be a fun activity too, especially with the kids. 

Today, we want to look at creating Homemade Gifts for Her. Whether it is a mother, daughter, sister, cousin, friend (the list goes on!), what can we make ourselves that they will enjoy? 

At MABS, we’ve come up with 3 homemade gifts for her that are low-cost and easy to do. 


Gift 1: Candles and Comfort Basket 

Christmas time is all about winter comforts. You could make up a winter comforts gift hamper with items, such as fleecy blankets, a festively scented candle, or an extra thick pair of warm socks.  

If you’re feeling really adventurous, then you could knit a small throw or a hat. Knitting can be a lovely way to pass the time on dark evenings and can be very therapeutic too. Not sure where to start? Then visit your local library for a wide range of books on knitting and other homecrafts. 


Gold wire gift basket with orange candle and brown, navy and cream checkered blanket with navy ribbon tied around basket in a bow


Why not grab a cheap wire basket and fill it with favourite home comforts for that special them. Look out for some spare ribbon lying around the house, possibly from an old gift box or bag. We often throw these away or keep them in a crafts box and forget! But these can be used as a lovely finishing touch for her gift. 

This is not only a low-cost gift but a thoughtful one too. 


Gift 2: Christmas Spicy Biscuits

This simple SafeFood recipe takes less than 25 minutes, and you could get creative and decorate them with the kids, making them even more personal.


Star shaped biscuits in a plastic bag on a wooden table with a red bow tied around the top of the bag. Baking wire rack on the table too with star shaped biscuits cooling on top


Have a few friends you think would like this idea? You can get a bit more creative and pop the dry ingredients into a jam jar with a personalised label with the contents and instructions so they can bake themselves.


Gift 3: Festive Tea Tree 

There is nothing like a nice cup of hot tea on a winter’s day. Some of our MABS team keep their tea bags in a jar beside their kettle at home and others simply keep them in the box of tea that they bought in the shops. 

Well, for the Christmas season, why not make it festive and create your own Tea Tree. 

Three homemade mini christmas teas with green, white, pink and yellow teabags stuck on the side used as christmas tree branches and a gold paper star at the top of each tree.


This can be the perfect gift for them, as well as a nice display/household decoration to show your family or friends. 

It is crafty, low-cost and a fun activity to do with the kids. 

Follow the Thirsty for Tea tutorial here. You can find other DIY Christmas Decoration inspiration on mabs.ie. 


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