Homemade and Low-Cost Gifts for Him

Christmas Gift Idea with Apron and BOSS Christmas with MABS pink and green design around it


The below gift suggestions are for the men in our lives and are not exclusive. The gift suggestions are equally suitable for anyone we would like to give gifts to.  

This blog is one of a series that we will be launching over the coming weeks with more gifting suggestions for special people in our lives.


How can you Boss Christmas with MABS? Well, one of our most popular activities -ticking all the boxes when it comes to our budget, saving and stretching our money that little bit further – is making low-cost and homemade gifts. 

This may seem like a well-known idea, and we definitely aren’t the first to think of it! But we find that making Homemade Gifts decreases the money we spend and increases the time spent with family or friends when creating these gifts. It can be a fun activity too, especially with the kids. 

Today, we want to look at creating Homemade Gifts for Him. Whether it is a father, brother, son, cousin, friend (the list goes on!), What can we make ourselves that they will enjoy? 

At MABS, we know all about budgeting – it’s in our name. However, we find being creative with arts and crafts is a bit more challenging. So, we’ve come up with 3 homemade gifts for him that are low-cost and easy to do. 


Gift 1: Thoughtful Photo Album 

In recent times, a lot of people are used to looking at screens and taking and sharing photos using their smartphones. But do you remember when we used to take photos on a camera and have them developed? We do too! Don’t worry, It’s not that old! 

You can’t beat looking through old photos of family and friends in questionable outfits as a child – dungarees and floral prints spring to mind. 

So why not make a Photo Album for that special man in your life. Pull together some old photos or if you have them saved on a device, print them off. 


Homemade Photo Album with Grey Paper and a Picture glued on to page and description written beside the photo

Stick them in a photo album and write personalised messages or comments beside each picture – maybe a funny joke, the place it was taken or how old they were. 

This is a gift that not only he will enjoy but others will look at too! 


Gift 2: DIY Apron 

Maybe you have a man in your life who is particularly talented in the kitchen? Well, this is the perfect gift for them. 

Do you have an old apron laying around the house? This can be transformed and personalised as the perfect Christmas gift. For example, does the special them in your life enjoy barbecuing in the summer months? When we have some sun of course! 


A white Apron with Grill Master written on the front and a drawing of a barbecue underneath Grill Master


Then why not create a ‘Grill Master’ design on the apron using fabric markers or paint. You can find fabric markers and paint in most arts and crafts stores. They can then wear it with pride when cooking up a BBQ at the next family event. 

Perhaps he will need some recipe inspiration when wearing his personalised apron? This is where our 101 MABS Square meals can help. 

101 MABS Square Meals (PDF)


Gift 3: Homemade Apple or Rhubarb Crumble 

Lastly, they say the key to a man’s heart (or most people, really) is through their stomach! So, what better than something that is warm, delicious and smells like rhubarb? 

A batch of homemade treats can be the perfect gift to bring along as part of Christmas dinner dessert or for a cosy catch-up with that special them/they. 


Apple and Rhubarb Crumble in a white dish on a wooden table with a wooden spoon in it


We use our Apple or Rhubarb Crumble MABS 101 Square Meals and SafeFood Recipe. With 5 steps and only 15 minutes preparation time, this is one of our favourite homemade Christmas bakes. 

Apple or Rhubarb Crumble Recipe (Page 114, PDF)

Have you got Christmas planning tips or DIY gift ideas to share? Let us know at @MABSinfo on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. 

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