My Car, My Fuel and My Wallet

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We know there is no quick fix to make it easier and everyone’s situation is different. It will take a holistic approach so we’re continuing our series of tips to help you tackle the rising costs and take control. In Tips to Tackle the Cost of Living Part One, we covered general tips from how to save on occasions to reminders to unplug unattended and in Tips to Tackle the Cost of Living Part Two, we covered kitchen hacks. In part three we will cover tips to help reduce fuel costs if running a car or vehicle. This blog will be particularly helpful for people living in rural Ireland where public transport is less common. 


Let’s get started…  

  1. Try to not leave a lot of bits and bobs in your boot, it makes the car heavier and therefore uses more fuel. 
  2. Ensure your tyres are at the right pressure. You can Google your car make and model and find information about the correct pressure for the front and back tyres as well as if they should be at different pressures in different seasons. 
  3. When driving, try to keep a steady speed, particularly when in traffic. You burn more fuel, the harder you brake and the faster you accelerate. 
  4. Don’t idle, if you’re doing a drop off or picking someone up and waiting, turn the engine off. Idling contributes up to 8% of all car emissions so you’ll be doing the environment a favour as well as your wallet. 
  5. Create a carpool for after-school/weekend activities or travelling long distances. 
  6. Plan ahead. Try to reduce the number of little trips when doing errands. Can you get everything done in 1 run? By reducing the number of trips, it helps to reduce fuel consumption as your car engine will be warm.
  7. When planning ahead, check the traffic reports, do you need to go out right now? Can you plan to go out at a quieter time? Becoming aware of the high traffic spots or peak times that you can potentially avoid will save you time and fuel.

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