National Heritage Week – Budget-friendly activities

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What is it all about?

National Heritage Week takes place from the 12th to the 20th of August this year. This great initiative is a part of European Heritage Days, where over 40 countries raise the awareness of European citizens to the richness and cultural diversity of Europe. The European Union and the Council of Europe organised over 1,000 events and projects over the 9-day celebration last year.

The aim of national heritage week is to build awareness and to educate the people of Ireland about our heritage and culture, in turn encouraging its preservation and conservation. It’s about getting outdoors and exploring all that our wonderful little island has to offer. Events include all areas of heritage like forests and woodlands, gardens and parks, traditional skills and local history, along with many more. There’s something for everyone to get involved with.

The theme of this year’s National Heritage Week is “Living Heritage”. This occasion provides the opportunity to bring your community together (either in person or virtually). To engage with your local heritage and learn new skills and make new connections.


Wild Child Day – Saturday, 19th August

Wild Child Day has been a popular part of National Heritage Week since the events began. It focuses on encouraging children to open their eyes to the diversity of the landscape around them. It also encourages exploration of the locality or other areas, such as when on holiday. Many events are centred around scavenger hunts, storytelling and craft workshops that introduce children to traditional skills.


Water Heritage Day – Sunday, 20th August

Water Heritage Day celebrates the element that, as an island nation, we rely on so heavily and has shaped so much of Ireland – water! Whether it’s sea, lakes, rivers or wetlands, there’s no denying that water has had a huge influence on how Ireland has developed Irish history and heritage.


This year sees the return of in-person events taking place, such as boat tours, river walks, and biodiversity talks and workshops. Virtual events and digital projects will continue as they have proven popular over the last few years.

The event schedule for all events closes today, and right now, there are hundreds of free events to sign up for (some are ticketed due to limited space). Here are a few that caught our eye:



We hope that you found our blog on National Heritage Week informative, and hopefully, we’ve inspired you to look up your local (or not-so-local) events. Be sure to sign up before booking closes!

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