MABS features on Home Economics Leaving Cert paper for first time

group of leaving certificate students

Managing your money is an important lesson to learn whether you are eighteen or eighty. For this reason, the Money Advice and Budgeting Service were delighted to see that it featured on this year’s Leaving Certificate Home Economics paper for the first time.

In a section that covered effective management of a family budget, students were asked to outline the role of the Money Advice and Budgeting Service in helping families who are experiencing financial difficulties. MABS believes that access to money management education for young people is critical in building financial understanding and resilience for the future. MABS aims to support this learning through the provision of interactive and age-appropriate learning to young people and children in schools around the country.

Earlier this year, MABS engaged with 500 young people in schools around the country through the Global Money Week initiative.

Interactive educational sessions were offered on money management, including making responsible spending decisions. Hopefully some of the learning received that week stayed with the students and was of some help in answering their Leaving Certificate question on MABS.

Speaking about the nationwide events, Colette Power, Financial Inclusion Officer with MABS said: “Children can learn about money from a young age and enabling them to acquire skills and knowledge on money management and responsible spending can help them as they grow older to live independently and manage their own finances. Learn Save Earn is a critical part of financial education for children and young adults”. The Global Money Week initiative was delivered in schools by MABS Money Advisers.

For further information on money advice or budgeting call MABS 0818 07 2000 Monday to Friday 9am–8pm, check out or visit your local MABS office.