Notice: MABS National Development (MABS ND) to become MABS Support CLG

Dubin city view of river liffey

The entire business of the MABS National Development (MABS ND) company will transfer to a newly incorporated company “MABS Support CLG” and an existing MABS Regional company “North Dublin Money Advice and Budgeting Service” from 3 February 2020.

As part of this transfer, all client information and files held by MABS National Development (the Transferor Company), including closed or archived files, that MABS ND are required or permitted to hold until the expiry of the relevant retention period, will transfer to the new company MABS Support CLG and North Dublin Money Advice and Budgeting Service (the Transferee Companies). The Transferee Companies will become the data controllers of all personal data held in these files. The files will continue to be stored in the same safe and secure environment in which they were held prior to the Transfer.

Should you have any queries, please contact MABS Support CLG. Contact details available on