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BOSS – Stretching

How do you make your money stretch further this Christmas?  

Sometimes we have to think of creative and savvy ways to make our money go further! Some planning and brainstorming now can help to make Christmas a bit easier and more affordable. Let’s look at some way we can reduce our spending, increase our saving, and hopefully make our money go further!

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Cut Down

If you are struggling to stretch your budget, try and cut down the number of presents you need to buy. Consider who is on your gift list and suggest opting out of gift giving this year. 

You may find they are relieved at not being obliged to buy you a gift either. Instead, if possible, suggest meeting up for a coffee or meal to spend time with one another instead, after all – the best present is presence.  

Declutter Time

If you like to declutter your house ahead of Christmas, take a look around for items that you haven’t used since last year, clothes you’ve never worn or even unwanted gifts.

Consider selling any items in good condition on a resale site and use the money to put towards essentials for Christmas. As well as trying to make your existing money stretch, it never hurts to have a possible additional source of money!  

Keep it Separate

Too many people use their full pay to cover the Christmas period and may opt to “worry about it later” and then find themselves dipping into their savings or ending up in debt to kick start the New Year. Transfer your disposable income or bills to a different account so that both sections of your life are completely separate. This way, you know that all your bills are covered and shows what budget you have to spend. 

Make your money and food stretch further!

Be a Christmas bargain hunter – save food shopping for at-home catch ups with your friends until just before the shops close and grab yellow-sticker snacks for a fraction of the price. This is especially great if you’ve got a good-sized freezer.  

Make your food stretch farther as well as your money! Buy food in bulk and save any leftovers. You can spend a day cooking 20-30 dinners, using up your leftovers and freeze them.  

Does your local shop offer a deposit and payment scheme? Some local shops will allow you to pay off a gift over time. A deposit will secure the item and you can pay it off between now and Christmas to help spread the cost. 

Have we missed something?

Do you have a tip or a tactic that you live by at this time of the year? We’d really like to hear from you. Visit our Facebook or Instagram pages and share.

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